Bike New England

Cycling routes in the American northeast, eastern Canada and beyond

Cue sheets on disk

Bike New England routes disk We’ve collected an inventory of over 4200 cue sheets and route maps including Bike New England’s cycling routes in the Berkshires, the Massachusetts North Shore, Cape Cod, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec, Nova Scotia, the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, the Finger Lakes, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, as well as vintage cue sheets and route maps from cycling clubs from Virginia to Maine. All cue sheets and maps are in PDF format. (Files for GPS units are not included, but you will find many at the Cycling New England blog.)

Free online access

On Disk: For faster access, we recommend purchasing the entire directory on disk. Order all of the above PDF cue sheets and map files on disk. $25.00 disk price.

Disks are available for mailing only in the U.S. All others please use on-line access

Order by Mail:  Fill in details on the form below and print. Send along with a check or money order for $25.00 to:

Gordon Harris,  17 Mill Rd.,  Ipswich MA 01938 USA

(please make checks  or money order to Gordon Harris)
Email Address *
Street / P.O. box
State / Province
Zip/ code

Upon receipt of your payment and this form, your cue sheet disk will be mailed the next day, USPS first class.

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