Collinsville CT Century ride

Collinsville CT Gourmet Century

Report by Pete Salomone: The gourmet century is exactly what it sounds like – a century ride stopping at excellent restaurants & cafes for food. We started at LaSalle Market, a restaurant and deli, in Collinsville, CT. Our route went along the banks of the Farmington River to Riverton where we climbed along Sandy Brook. At the top of Sandy Brook Rd, the route becomes circuitous to avoid gravel roads.

After a third of the ride we reached the Southfield Store which has a bakery in the back. After a few short climbs we descended into New Boston, crossed the Farmington River and started THE climb. Over our shoulders was a sign warning of a steep descent We continued straight to the bike path that runs along the Farmington Canal and the Canal Rail Road Line. In a few miles we reached our second rest stop – Red Riding Hood’s Basket. On the south side of Farmington we turned onto the Farmington River Rail Trail to Unionville where we rode on New Rd which had gentle hills along the Farmington River. We reached LaSalle Market at the end of our route in time for dinner.

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