Don’t ride like this

Watch this great video of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers blatantly violating traffic rules in this NYC video 3-Way Street from ronconcocacola

Watch out for pedestrians Slow down and make sure pedestrians on bike paths know you are there before passing.

Drafting too close Yes, there is a speed advantage from drafting very close, but look what happens when your wheels touch.

Hit by car at walkway.The pedestrian crossway light had changed, but cars in theright lane were not stopping. He wentanyway.

Wrong Way Cyclists It’s the law: Bicycles ride in the direction of traffic. Pedestrians walk against traffic.

The Ultimate Mountain Bike Crash Figure out the oddsbefore even thinking of doing something like this.

Beware the Right Hook The driver is at fault but the cyclist is who gets hurt. People are unpredictable’ ride defensively.

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