Bay Circuit Trail

Mountain biking north of Boston

The following is a list of places to mountain bike on the Massachusetts North Shore, listed by towns. The state forests and preserved land in this area provide hundreds of miles of great mountain bike trails. The Bay Circuit Trail connects several state forests and other protected land through 34 towns in Eastern Massachusetts.. Many of the trails listed here, including Willowdale and Harold Parker are part of the Bay Circuit Trail.

Harold Parker State Forest 3000 with over 30 miles of trails View at NEMBA.Harold Parker East Bike Trail Map Harold Parker West Bike Trail Map

Charles W. Ward Reservation 5 miles of singletrack through woodlands and a hill for great views View Trail Map

Cleaveland Farm State Forest Single track and small fire roads. View Trail Map
Boxford State Forest joins with J.C. Philips Wildlife Sanctuary and Bald Hill, trail map
Bald Hill Reservation 1,921 acres with singletrack. View Trail Map
Georgetown-Rowley State Forest, Rte. 97, Georgetown MA. 1,112 acres. ViewTrail map
Dogtown A glacial rubble field with a very rugged terrain for the most technically experienced mountain bikers.View at NEMBA. View Trail Map

Ravenswood Park 600 acres with 10 miles of carriage paths and trails. View Trail Map
Discover Hamilton Trail starts at the Hamilton town offices, 10 miles connecting Harvard Woods, the Pingree Reservation, Appleton Farms and Bradley Palmer State Park.View Trail Map
Harvard Forest on Cutler Rd. in Hamilton, 100 acres. Look for the trail on the left before the railroad tracks as you head North on Cutler Rd. View Trail Map

Pingree Reservation:136 acres of preservation land in Hamilton MA. The trail is a part of the Bay Circuit Trail and connects to Harvard Forest with a 4 mile loop View Trail Map

Bradley Palmer State Park is a 721-acres with sunny rolling meadows, deep woods and old carriage roads. View at NEMBA. View Trail Map

Appleton Farms Grass Rides, easy trails through forest, open fields, and wetlands. . View Trail Map

Willowdale State Forest 40 miles of trails divided by Route 1, the most popular mountain biking in the area. NEMBA site. View Trail Map

Lowell-Dracut State Forest: 1100 acres, with forest roads and single track. View at NEMBA.
View Trail Map

Lynn Woods: Three lakes and two distinct sections. View at NEMBA. View Trail Map

Manchester Woods. From 128, take Exit 15 (School St.) heading away from Manchester. Limited to old roads closed by Rt. 128 construction. View Trail Map

Downfall Wildlife Management Area (Martin Burns Conservation Area) 1555 acres Location: Orchard Street, Byfield and Newbury; also accessed from the commuter rail station in Newburyport. View Trail Map

Maudslay State Park
. Great trails along the Merrimack rRver for walking, biking, View Trail Map

Prospect Hill, 90-acre parcel is part of the Bay Circuit Trail and connects directly to the Dow Brook Conservation lands. View Trail Map

Hood Pond Section of Willowdale State Forest, 2400 acres, connects also to Cleaveland State Forest and Georgetown . Detail Map (80k) Locus Map (60k) View Trail Map

Willowdale Meadow is an old meadow with some single track. ECTA page View Trail Map

Willowdale State Forest, Pineswamp section. View Trail Map

Topsfield Town Forest A gravel drive and trail that leads to Hood Pond and connects easily to Willowdale State Forest. View Trail Map

Gordon College and Chebacco Woods. View at NEMBA. View Trail Map1 More at NEMBA. View Trail Map2 map3

Crane Pond Wildlife Management Area. 2123 acres in Groveland, Newbury, Georgetown and W. Newbury. Unmarked trails and old woods roads. View Trail Map

Interactive map of mountain bike locations on the North Shore

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