Seven Hills of Ipswich

There’s about 2300′ of climbing on this 44-mile ride, with a lot of “out and back” on beautiful roads you may have never ridden. Experience these hills and views, in order of occurrence:

  • Start from the Hammatt St. parking lot in Ipswich
  • Town Farm Rd. out and back, up Town Hill at Highland Cemetery
  • Pineswamp Rd. out and back, skirting Turkey Hill
  • Mount Pleasant St. in Ipswich
  • Bush Hill  on Kennedy St.
  • Scott Hill off of Topsfield Rd.
  • Turner Hill (big climb)
  • Some easy riding, then a hill on Chebacco Rd.
  • Castle Hill at the Crane Estate
  • Heartbreak Hill on Argilla Rd.
  • Nice side trip to Labor in Vain Creek, with a little climb
  • Plover Hill at Great Neck
  • A steep climb up Town Hill on Spring St.
  • Back to the start

44 mile route at RideWithGPS
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TCX Course

Hate hills? Here’s a 35 mile version with 1300 of climbing, which is 1000 ft. less than the above version.

Route at RideWithGPS
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TCX Course

Hills in Ipswich Massachusetts

Bartholomew Hill – 204′ off Linebrook behind Doyon School
Bear (Boar) Hill – off Topsfield Road near Little Turner
Bush Hill – 193′ off Topsfield Road
Castle Hill – 165′ at end of Argilla Road
Elm Hill – Marini’s Hill (Elm Hill Farm)
Heartbreak Hill – off Argilla Road 164 ft.
Jewett Hill – 212′ off High Street at Rowley line
Little Turner Hill- 197′ off Topsfield Road
Plover Hill – Great Neck
Prospect Hill – 262′ Ipswich/Rowley line
Sagamore Hill – 172′ Ipswich/Hamilton line
Scott Hill – 180′ off Topsfield Road
Steep Hill – off Argilla Road facing Crane Beach
Tilton’s Hill – near Treadwell Island
Town Hill – 184′ East of town center
Turkey Hill – 240′ between Pineswamp & Topsfield Road
Turner Hill – 250′ off Topsfield Road
Vine Hill – off Topsfield Road (Masonic Temple)
Windmill Hill – County & Essex Roads (Cable Hosp

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