Tour des Farms

Connecticut Tour des Farms

July 1st through September 30th

The 2020 Connecticut Tour des Farms is statewide! CT RC&D is hosting a free, summer long event for riders to enjoy at their own pace and schedule. The event will include eight regional routes, each featuring 5-10 amazing farms throughout the state. That’s over 75 farms getting direct support from their communities. These rides aren’t just for avid cyclists – routes are listed with their level of difficulty, and each is just as fun on a motorcycle or in a car. Participants can practice physical distancing guidelines while getting outside and exploring all Connecticut agriculture has to offer.

In lieu of the typical $75 registration fee, CT RC&D is asking for participants to consider donating to the 2020 Connecticut Tour des Farms Program Fund. In response to the impact on so many Connecticut families, CT RC&D is donating the cost of staff time to organize this signature recreational event for your summer fun and discovery of Connecticut’s farms. 100% of proceeds directly supports local farmers and our communities who need it most. Through University of Connecticut Extension’s “Operation Community Impact” and other Connecticut food security initiatives, local produce, food products, and dairy will be distributed to local and regional soup kitchens. With food insecurity on the rise and farmer sales channels drying up, this donation effort allows everyone to help our local farmers thrive while keeping our communities fed with healthy, fresh food.

This year, CT RC&D is making it easy to bike, ride, and roll to your local farms.

Tour des Farms   Woodstock, CT

Sponsor: Connecticut Resource Conservation & Development


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