Bicycles on Jeffreys Neck in Ipswich

A scenic coastal ride from an historic New England village

This half-day ride is led by Ipswich Town Historian Gordon Harris and begins at the Ipswich Riverwalk Mural, covering about 25 miles in one of New England’s most historic and scenic coastal communities. Starting out, our ride crosses the Ipswich River pedestrian bridge to the South Green, where the historic Whipple house is located. 

We wind our way along quiet back roads that were named for early Ipswich families like the Lakemans and Fellows, before stopping at Russell Orchards farm store on beautiful Argilla Rd. You’ll enjoy the gorgeous views at Crane Beach and we may even visit the wreck of the Ada K. Damon. Returning to downtown Ipswich, we’ll stop for coffee at Zumi’s or lunch at one of the town’s many casual eateries.

We continue through the Meeting House Green and East End historic districts, where Gordon will share a few legends and a bit of history from “America’s best-preserved Puritan Town.” Next comes a seven mile loop to Great Neck with the Great Salt Marsh on either side, and climb the glacial drumlin with scenic vistas of Plum Island, Cape Ann and the Atlantic Ocean.

Turning back to town, the ride follows historic High Street, home to over two dozen First Period houses constructed before 1720 to the Old North Burying Ground. You can view fascinating inscriptions on 17th and 18th Century tombstones before we head back to our start location and finish the ride.

Ipswich historic and coastal scenic ride
Ipswich historic and coastal scenic ride

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  1. Spectacular coastal scenery, expansive sandy beaches and charming New England villages mark the Southern Maine Coast. Cyclists will travel through the historic coastal towns of Wells, The Kennebunks and Old Orchard Beach.


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