New Hampshire

Ammonoosuc Rail Trail

The Ammonoosuc Rail Trail is a 19 mile gravel and dust path following the Ammonoosuc River in New Hampshire. The trail starts at Central Street in Woodsville and ends at Industrial Park Road in Littleton.

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  1. We tried to ride the Ammo Rail Trail yesterday (5/7/18) with our mountain bikes and found the surface too rocky and loose for even knobby tires. The surface is mostly crushed ledge with too much loose and very sharp stones on the surface, making for a very rough ride. You couldn’t enjoy the views because you had to concentrate so intently on not hitting stones that would cause you to lose control and topple over. We rode only about a mile from the start in Woodsville and then got off the trail and rode Rt 302 as far as Lisbon. We kept checking the trail along the way to see if perhaps the trail conditions had changed, but the entire distance to Lisbon appeared to be unride-able. We got back on the trail in Lisbon and tried riding another half mile but gave up for the same reason and had to ride the half mile back to Lisbon and Rt 302. In its present condition this trail is torture.


    • I totally agree with N. Mulherin. Began in Littleton with the intent of riding the whole thing out and back (Fall 2017). The route is marked green on Google Maps, so I thought it would be at least as good as the Northern Rail Trail which is marked brown and is fantastic, but the Ammonoosuc turned out to be unsuitable for my 35c knobbies.

      The first few miles, though nice and wide, were awful — loose dirt, dusty, giant gravel, sharp rocks. It eventually got better, but was still slow going and continued to have nasty parts. Also, this trail is shared and seems to be very popular with dirtbikes and ATVs, which was sometimes an issue at narrow sections, though they were polite to us “lighter” brethren. Finally, by Lisbon, my wrists were sore, the motored population was increasing, and I got a flat, so decided to head back to the Littleton-start via 302.

      I love the country this trail passes through, so am considering doing it by renting a fatbike from the bike shop at the northeast end. It also looks like it would be fun to parallel it on tar with a road bike (staying off 302, because that’s an unpleasantly-trafficked road).

      This trail would be a true gem if it were widened to allow for more cooperative use by both bicycles and motorized vehicles. It is maintained well for motorized use, but it would be ideal to have at least one strip/corridor along its length surfaced with cinder, or at least hard smoothed dirt, to be fully suitable for more types of bicycles.


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