Narragansett Bay Wheelmen NBW bicycle rides

Cue sheets for the following  rides are provided by Narragansett Bay Wheelmen

Central Massachusetts Spectacular
Bourne, MA
The Cape Caper, 22/43/62 miles
Brimfield, MA
Brimfield Antique Ride, 34 miles
Larry & Ted’s Dartmouth Ride, 12/17/31 miles
Dedham, MA
Charles River Ride, 15/21/31 miles
Dennis, MA Central Cape Cod Century, 30/45/62/100 miles
Fall River, MA Fall River Fifty(Chourico Ride), 19/27/47
Lakeville, MA
Lakeville Tour,15/25/40 miles
Marion, MA
Marion-Rochester, 18/30/40 miles
Mattapoisett Ride, 15/30/50 miles
Mattapoisett-Wareham, 19/33 miles
Middleboro, MA
South Shore Century, 25/54/75/100/125 miles
Middleboro-Halifax, 15/25 miles
Middleboro-Plympton, 17/28 miles
Milford, MA
Holliston-Hopkinton Ride, 19/33/36 miles
New Bedford, MA
Joe Medeiros Ride, 17/25/47/62 miles
New Bedford-Plymouth, 25/39/52/80 miles
North Attleboro, MA
Triboro Tour, 15/18/25/35 miles
6Dartmouth Fifty, 15/34/55 miles
Dartmouth Ride One, 18/27 miles
Dartmouth Ride Two, 18/27/35 miles
U Mass-Dartmouth Ride, 14/26/41 miles
Raynham, MA
Cranberry Metric, 17/35/62 miles
Raynham-Middleboro, 15/31 miles
Plymouth Race Ride, 15/25/40/55 miles
Seekonk, MA
Plymouth Century, 21/56/100 miles
Scramble Metric, 17/27/53/65 miles
Seeekonk North Ride, 12/17/25 miles
Seekonk East Ride, 13/24/31 miles
Seekonk South Ride, 15/28/50 miles
South Attleboro
Ride to Walpole Bike Race, 40 miles
Swansea, MA
Swansea-Touisset Point (Winter), 16 miles
Taunton River Ride (Winter), 16/21 miles
Swansea (Winter), 10/15 miles
Swansea-Dighton (Winter), 13/17 miles
Swansea-Touisset Point Tour, 15/30 miles
Swansea-Dighton Rock, 15/30/50 miles
BikeWorks Ride, 16/28/45 miles
Taunton, MA
Taunton-Sharon Tour, 15/30/50 miles
Taunton Two Rocks, 13/24 miles
Taunton-Norton, 15/28 miles
Uxbridge, MA
Purgatory Chasm, 20/30/54 miles
Animal Farm Ride, 18/30/40/50 miles
Uxbridge-Grafton Ride, 15/30/40 miles
Vineyard Haven, MA
Martha’s Vineyard, 15/34/45 miles
Walpole, MA
Walpole-Dover Ride, 14/28 miles
Wareham, MA
Wareham-Manomet Ride, 22/35/47 miles
Miles Standish State Forest, 22/46 miles
Westport, MA
Westport-Dartmouth, 21/32 miles
Westport Ride, 13/25/44/50 miles
Whitinsville, MA
Mt Wachusett Three-Quarter, 17/28/55/77 miles
Wachusett Century, 25/40/62/100 miles
Major Taylor Tribute Ride, 31/48 miles

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