Narragansett Bay Wheelmen NBW bicycle rides

Cycling in southeast Massachusetts

Narragansett Bay Wheelmen NBW bicycle rides

Cue sheets for the following  rides are provided by Narragansett Bay Wheelmen

Central Massachusetts Spectacular
Bourne, MA
The Cape Caper, 22/43/62 miles
Brimfield, MA
Brimfield Antique Ride, 34 miles
Larry & Ted’s Dartmouth Ride, 12/17/31 miles
Dedham, MA
Charles River Ride, 15/21/31 miles
Dennis, MA Central Cape Cod Century, 30/45/62/100 miles
Fall River, MA Fall River Fifty(Chourico Ride), 19/27/47
Lakeville, MA
Lakeville Tour,15/25/40 miles
Marion, MA
Marion-Rochester, 18/30/40 miles
Mattapoisett Ride, 15/30/50 miles
Mattapoisett-Wareham, 19/33 miles
Middleboro, MA
South Shore Century, 25/54/75/100/125 miles
Middleboro-Halifax, 15/25 miles
Middleboro-Plympton, 17/28 miles
Milford, MA
Holliston-Hopkinton Ride, 19/33/36 miles
New Bedford, MA
Joe Medeiros Ride, 17/25/47/62 miles
New Bedford-Plymouth, 25/39/52/80 miles
North Attleboro, MA
Triboro Tour, 15/18/25/35 miles
6Dartmouth Fifty, 15/34/55 miles
Dartmouth Ride One, 18/27 miles
Dartmouth Ride Two, 18/27/35 miles
U Mass-Dartmouth Ride, 14/26/41 miles
Raynham, MA
Cranberry Metric, 17/35/62 miles
Raynham-Middleboro, 15/31 miles
Plymouth Race Ride, 15/25/40/55 miles
Seekonk, MA
Plymouth Century, 21/56/100 miles
Scramble Metric, 17/27/53/65 miles
Seeekonk North Ride, 12/17/25 miles
Seekonk East Ride, 13/24/31 miles
Seekonk South Ride, 15/28/50 miles
South Attleboro
Ride to Walpole Bike Race, 40 miles
Swansea, MA
Swansea-Touisset Point (Winter), 16 miles
Taunton River Ride (Winter), 16/21 miles
Swansea (Winter), 10/15 miles
Swansea-Dighton (Winter), 13/17 miles
Swansea-Touisset Point Tour, 15/30 miles
Swansea-Dighton Rock, 15/30/50 miles
BikeWorks Ride, 16/28/45 miles
Taunton, MA
Taunton-Sharon Tour, 15/30/50 miles
Taunton Two Rocks, 13/24 miles
Taunton-Norton, 15/28 miles
Uxbridge, MA
Purgatory Chasm, 20/30/54 miles
Animal Farm Ride, 18/30/40/50 miles
Uxbridge-Grafton Ride, 15/30/40 miles
Vineyard Haven, MA
Martha’s Vineyard, 15/34/45 miles
Walpole, MA
Walpole-Dover Ride, 14/28 miles
Wareham, MA
Wareham-Manomet Ride, 22/35/47 miles
Miles Standish State Forest, 22/46 miles
Westport, MA
Westport-Dartmouth, 21/32 miles
Westport Ride, 13/25/44/50 miles
Whitinsville, MA
Mt Wachusett Three-Quarter, 17/28/55/77 miles
Wachusett Century, 25/40/62/100 miles
Major Taylor Tribute Ride, 31/48 miles

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