Chester Shoreline Century Ride

Description from CTBikeRoutes: This 101-mile ride drops down to the shoreline in Old Saybrook by way of Deep River and Essex and passes through Otter Cove en route to the Baldwin Bridge bike path.  After crossing to the east side of the Connecticut River via the bike path, the route heads east to the turnaround point at the former Seaside Regional Center generally following Route 156 (smooth with wide shoulders) with side trips into the Department of Environmental Protection’s Marine Headquarters, Rocky Neck State Park, Giants Neck and Black Point.  On the return the route also follows Route 156 for several miles before taking an inland route to the suggested lunch/snack stop at Hains Park at the south end of Rogers Lake on Route 1 in Old Lyme. Continuing, the ride takes a circuitous route back to the Baldwin Bridge and once on the west side of the Connecticut River, it heads into Old Saybrook en route to Saybrook Point, a tour of Fenwick, and a quick look-in at Cornfield Point before returning quite directly to the CPL.

Start:   Rt. 9 Exit 6 (Rt. 148) commuter parking lot in Chester CT

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  1. HI, I’m looking to post the Double Centuries in the U.S.A. on my website, and noticed your State of Con. has not one! If you’d be interested in adding a hundred to the great route you already have, please let me know.
    California has 27. I’ve ridden 85 in Calif. and 3 in Utah. I also organize and produce three of my own (Joshua Tree D.C., Borrego D.C., and Oceanside D.C.) There is no cost involved in posting a Double Century on the U.S.A. Triple Crown website. It sure would be great to see a Double Century flag up in your beautiful State!
    Double Centuries in general are not races, unlike marathons and tri’s. We ride them to see the scenery and for commradary and challenge.
    Anny Beck, U.S.A. Triple Crown & U.S.A. Double Century Dir.


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