Wachusett Clinton bicycle ride

Wachusett Aqueduct trail

The 9 mile Wachusett Aqueduct extends from the Wachusett Reservoir in Clinton Massachusetts to the John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant at Walnut Hill in Marlborough and passes through Berlin and Northborough. In May 2012 Massachusetts Water Resources Authority announced that “No trespassing” signs along this and four other trails will be removed since they are no longer in service, allowing use by hikers, cyclists and others.

Host communities will be allowed to develop and manage trails, while keeping care and control with the state. MWRA resources are focused on managing newer facilities, and thus the state is offering host communities and non-profits access in order to continue to protect the aqueducts as public land while maintaining their role as contingency water supplies

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1 thought on “Wachusett Aqueduct trail”

  1. The Bruce Freeman Trail, when completed, will run from Lowell, MA to Framingham, MA, and have a total distance of 26 miles. Thus far, some segments of the trail are incomplete, but the entire trail, from what I am hearing, will be up and runninng within 2 years!


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