Moosa bicycle ride

The MOOSA tour, Maine, New Hampshire and Quebec

The MOOSA tour, “Maine’s Original Outstanding Superadventure” was  a Maine-NH-Quebec cycling tour offered in 2009 and 2011. Click on the maps to view each day and download files at RideWithGPS. Read a personal description of the tour at Messages from the Pale Blue Dot.

Day 1 Bethel ME to Errol NH, 37 miles
Day 2 Errol NH to Coaticook QC, 53 miles
Day 3 Coaticook QC to Notre Dame des Bois QC, 58 miles
Day 4 Notre Dame des Bois QC to Kingfield QC, 66 miles
Day 5 Kingfield QC to Rangeley QC, 42 miles
Day 6 Rangeley QC to Bethel ME 66 miles


1 thought on “The MOOSA tour, Maine, New Hampshire and Quebec”

  1. I did the MOOSA ride in 2003. It was well organized and the scenery was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the part of the ride in Quebec. Ride was sponsored by the Can-Am Wheelers, a group that appears to not exist anymore. If anyone reads this–I hope someone up there puts this ride on again. I’d certainly consider it….and I’m in central Iowa!


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