Tour de Cure New England Classic, Bedford, MA :July 13, 2019


New England Classic 150 & 550

The New England Classic Tour de Cure is a weekend or weeklong adventure cycling
through picturesque towns, along the coast and through the mountains. Our two-day,
150-mile tour takes you from Woburn, just north of Boston, through the Merrimack
Valley and into New Hampshire on our first day, and then continues on Day 2 to the
coast of Southern Maine. The seven-day, 550-mile tour rolls on into the White Mountains
of New Hampshire, across the Connecticut River Valley into Vermont and on to the
Green Mountains, before returning via the Monadnock region of New Hampshire to Massachusets on the triumphant final day. The intrepid group of riders on both New England Classic tours join forces in the fight to Stop Diabetes® and raise funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy in support of the American Diabetes Association.

The week-long Tour de Cure New England Classic starts at Middlesex Community College 591 Springs Rd, Bedford, MA.


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