Great Big FANY Ride

FANY rideThe 18th Annual Great Big FANY Ride, pedaling 500 miles Across New York


Start: Niagra Falls, NY

Collaborated with: New York Bicycling Coalition, a not-for-profit bicycling advocacy group.

Recipient: In 2016 FANY contributed nearly $4500 to Double H Ranch.

Description: We average 70 miles per day (or 35 mi/day with Sore FANY.) Primarily a camping tour, but we also have a luxurious Comfy Camper option and a hotel option too! Ride with bikers who are serious about having fun. LOTS OF FUN! LOTS OF HILLS! Often affectionately called “summer camp for grown-ups” come earn your bragging rights … we usually climb 20,000′- 25,000′ in the week. Sign up includes SAG support, daily gear transfer, breathtaking scenery, marked routes & cue sheets, a stunning souvenir Tshirt , and a week’s worth of fun with like minded bikers. Discounts for groups of 5 or more. Interested? 518-461-7646

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