Ultra bright LED rechargeable bicycle lights

The Te-Rich cycling lights combo allows strobe or steady beam settings to alert others of your presence with 270-degree visibility; increasing your visibility means increasing your safety.

Gatorskin Ultra flat-resistant tires

Continental Gatorskin flat-resistant tires

For over a dozen years I have been riding with puncture-resistant Continental Gatorskin bicycle tires. I've had two flats--one sidewall puncture, and one tube stem that failed after several years of use. I rode across the U.S. with the Specialized Armadillo tires, which are probably the ultimate in flat-protection, but they are a somewhat heavier… Continue reading Gatorskin Ultra flat-resistant tires

Topeak trunk bags

Topeak MTX trunk bag

After my bike trunk bag when flying down the road last summer I picked up a Topeak beam rack and MTX trunk bag.

Tommaso gravel bikes

Gravel bikes are similar to road bikes but have disc brakes, additional clearance for wider tires, and comfortable geometry, great for on and off roads.

Morpher folding bicycle helmet

The Morpher folding bicycle helmet folds flat so that it is incredibly easy to carry around, and has passed all relevant safety criteria for most of the world. Folds flat for ultimate convenience and portability Lightweight material makes it easy to carry As safe as a normal helmet, made from eps and polycarbonate - standard… Continue reading Morpher folding bicycle helmet

Garmin Edge cycling computers

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer-(Certified Refurbished) Connected features: live-tracking, instant upload and ride sharing capabilities, social network sharing, plus weather updates Comprehensive performance monitoring: Displays market leading, comprehensive ride data (incl. speed, distance, time, heart rate1, cadence2, elevation, power3, location Touchscreen and simple user interface: a 2.6" rugged and customizable color touchscreen. Quickly find… Continue reading Garmin Edge cycling computers

Follow these rides with Garmin Edge cycling computers

Garmin 810

Follow our rides and get a great price with the Garmin Edge 800 Cycling GPS Computer (Certified Refurbished). The Edge 800 comes with a built-in basemap and is compatible with Garmin microSD™ cards packed with either street or topo maps. Select a destination and Edge 800 provides turn-by-turn navigation prompts on screen. Edge 800 can also guide you along routes  you or… Continue reading Follow these rides with Garmin Edge cycling computers

Ride your chain back on, without touching it!

Ride your chain back on

If your chain comes off the chain ring, ride it back on. You don't have to stop, or even slow down. There's no need to get your hands dirty. If the chain comes off to the outside of the chain ring, simply keep pedaling gently and downshift to the middle ring. The derailleur will pick the chain… Continue reading Ride your chain back on, without touching it!

Why do bikes stay up?

Why do bikes stay up?

Scientists postulate that bicycles are self-stable above a certain speed because the rotating wheels of the bicycle provide stability through gyroscopic effects. The distance by which the contact point of the front wheel trails behind the steering axis is crucial, and a study in Science20 finds that mass distribution is also important for stability. "For… Continue reading Why do bikes stay up?