Cycling in Rhode Island

The following  rides in Rhode Island are organized by  Narragansett Bay Wheelmen

Ashaway, RI
Westerly Ride, 20/33/45 miles
Mystic Metric, 15/30/54/64 miles
Barrington, RI

Barrington Ride, 15/30 miles
Block Island, RI

Block Island ride, 16 miles
Bristol, RI

Colt State Park-Middletown, 12/22/42 miles
Bristol-Portsmouth Ride, 8/11/22 miles
Burrillville RI

Simple Arrow Ride, 12/27 miles
The ‘Ville’ ride, 20/30 miles
TriState Tour-Burrillville, 20/25/34 miles
The ‘Bridge’ Ride, 15/30/50 miles
Central Falls RI
Higginson Ride, 26/57 miles
Coventry, RI
Great Pizza Ride, 10/25/40 miles
Coventry-West Greenwich, 15/28/36 miles
Tom & Pat’s Half Century, 19/28/50
East Greenwich-North Kingstown, 15/30 miles
Cranston, RI
Cranston Holiday Ride (Winter), 9/18/28 miles  Ride With GPS   Map My Ride
Western Cranston Ride, 13/18/23/35 miles
Roger Williams Ride (Winter), 15 miles
Cumberland, RI
Diamond Hill Two, 17/30/50 miles Map My Ride
Diamond Hill One, 13/32/50 miles
Cumberland Fifty, 12/18/30/54 miles
Cumberland  Fourty   Map My Ride
East Providence, RI
Cycle/Spring Opener, 14/18/31/43 miles
Glocester RI
Fall Foliage Tour, 20/40/64 miles
Killingly Tour, 17/35/47 miles
Hill & Gully Rider, 25/35/50/70 miles
Northeastern CT Tour, 20/40 miles
Greenville, RI
Ride for Pete’s Sake, 20/27/52 miles
Ray Young’s Ride, 11/17/23/33/53 miles
Double Metric Century*, 15/30/62/124 miles
North Country Fifty, 19/30/50 miles
Apple Valley Tour (Winter)*, 10/15 miles
STORI Century, 19/30/50/80/100 miles Ride With GPS
Smithfield-Stillwater*, 15/30 miles  Ride With GPS
Smithfield-North Smithfield 14/19/27 miles
Tri-State Century, 25/53/60/70/100 miles
Smithfield (Winter)*, 13/17/25 miles
Smithfield-Stillwater (Winter), 10/16 miles
Hope Valley – Southern, 15/32 miles
Hope Valley – Voluntown, 11/30/35/50 miles
Hope Valley – Arcadia, 17/27 miles
Mystic Seaport Ride, 44 miles
Hope Valley Eastern Ride, 20/27/30 miles
Hope Valley Western Ride, 15/20/35 miles
Hope Valley 18/29/42/58/70 miles
Jamestown, RI
Rhody Roundup, 5/18/25/30/40 miles Map My Ride
Kingston, RI
Westerly-Watch Hill Ride, 20/40/64 miles
4Narragansett Indian Ride, 15/26 miles
4Century of the Century, 18/35/55/75/100 miles
Jonnycake Ride,15/25 miles
Western Hills Ride, 22/30/41/62/83 miles Map My Ride
South County Coast Cruise, 19/34/42 miles
4South County Fifty, 15/25/50 miles
John O’Neil’s Ride, 11/21/32 miles
Lincoln, RI
Lincoln-Smithfield, 15/21/42 miles
Great Grandma’s Farm, 15/23/50 miles
Lincoln-Smithfield (Winter), 15/25 miles
Lincoln-Cumberland, 14/25/30/41 miles
Woonsocket Autumnfest Ride, 20 miles
Narragansett RI
Sturbridge Century, 16/38/45/58/100 miles
Narragansett-Point Judith, 18/28/32 miles
Narragansett-Saunderstown, 19/30 miles
Newport, RI
Newport Circuit Tour, 12/25/35/45 miles
Newport-Middletown*, 12/25 miles
Portsmouth-Middletown*, 15/25 miles
Cape Weekend Trip*, 65 miles each way
North Scituate RI
Scituate Ride-North*, 16/32 miles
Scituate-Ponagansett, 16/25/35 miles
Scituate Ride-South, 10/23/37 miles
North Kingston, RI
Two Towers Ride, 17/28/44/52 miles
North Smithfield, RI
N Smithfield-Burrillville #1*, 15/30 miles
N Smithfield-Burrillville #2*, 15/23 miles
Pawtucket, RI
Slater Park (Winter), 15/20 miles
Johnston  15/30 miles  Map My Ride Ride With GPS   
Providence, RI
Providence Bicycle ride, 10/35/57 miles
Providence, RI
Northern Border Ride, 14/30 miles
Scituate, RI
Scituate-Providence*, 14/41 miles
Foster Ride – Alternate*15/29/35
Scituate-Coventry, 15/25/30 miles
Tiverton, RI
Tiverton Fifty, 19/32/50 miles Map My Ride
Fish Road (Winter), 18/26/34 miles
Chariho Tour, 15/25/30/47 miles
Warwick, RI
Warwick Tour, 15/24 miles
Caster’s Halloween Ride, 15/25/32 miles Ride With GPS
West Gloucester, RI Tri-State Tour, 15/30 miles
Wickford, RI
No Kingstown-Exeter, 24/31 miles Wickford RI
Wickford-Kingston*, 15/30 miles Wickford RI
Wickford Ride (Winter), 15/20/27 miles Wickford RI

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