CycleAbility Challenge, Lenox MA

The CycleAbility Challenge provides options of 30, 60 and 100 miles.  The event has raised over $5.8 million for Special Olymics New York since its inception in 1990. The tax-deductible pledges support Special Olympics New York-Hudson Valley Region. Dates: June 2 and 3, 2018 Start: Apple Tree Inn, 10 Richmond Mountain Rd., Lenox MA… Continue reading CycleAbility Challenge, Lenox MA

Cycling the Berkshires from Lenox, MA

North Shore Cyclists Berkshire ride

These routes start from the Apple Tree Inn  in Lenox MA. Hancock Shaker Village: Soon after setting out on the 26 mile round trip from Lenox, a short climb over Lenox Mountain yields a panoramic view of Stockbridge Bowl and the craggy face of Monument Mountain. Spend a couple of hours at Hancock Shaker Village, with… Continue reading Cycling the Berkshires from Lenox, MA

Tyringham bicycle loop

Tyringham-Great Barrington ride

This scenic ride with 35-50 mile options starts from downtown Great Barrington Massachusetts and heads out of town up "Three Mile Hill. We circle around Lake Buel, then top to check out the Berkshire Fish Hatchery in Hartsville. Continue on to Monterey, MA, and stop for refreshments at the Monterey General Store. The full continues… Continue reading Tyringham bicycle loop