Cycle Massachusetts 2015 Northampton MA


Cycle Massachusetts State Bike Tour, “The Friendliest Ride In The East”

August 1-7, 2015, Northampton, Hardwick, Greenfield; 2 nights in each location. Start and end at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School,  80 Locust St. Northampton, MA. The Cycle Massachusetts State Bike Tour supports MassBike and better biking for Massachusetts.

Saturday, August 1st

Loop rides starting and ending in Northampton, MA. Three ride distances; full and metric centuries and a 35 mile ride too. All these rides head out toward the Berkshires. The centuries are very challenging. We hope that will be cause for excite those who wants to push their limits.

Sunday, August 2nd

More loop rides starting and ending in Northampton, MA. Today we head into the Connecticut River valley to the south of Amherst.

Monday, August 3rd

Today is a move day. Our destination is the Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA. We think you will really like it here.

Tuesday, August 4th

Loop ride starting and ending at the Eagle Hill School. An Epic 70-mile ride around the Quabbin Reservoir or a shorter ride through the picturesque Brookfields.

Wednesday, August 5th

Move day ending in Greenfield , MA. One 53-mile ride. People who prefer to ride a shorter distance can use our Head Start Drop-Off service and start 15 miles into the route

Thursday, August 6th

Loop ride starting and ending in Greenfield and taking you through scenic Shelburne Falls. Two ride distances.

Friday, August 7th

Final day riding ending back to Northampton. It features a fun 5-mile downhill into Amherst and Hadley

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