Bradford Ponds and Forests

Start: Bradford Elementary School, 118 Montvale St., Bradford MA (South Haverhill)

Description: This ride heads from Bradford (a historic village in South Haverhill) to nearby Groveland, then continues through Boxford State Forest on quiet local roads not often travelled on NSC routes. The short and medium rides turn back toward Bradford without crossing Rt. 114. The long route continues in a loop around Andover with a few urban streets and is very similar to the “Hills and Dales from Ballardvale” ride.

The Ponds: You’ll ride by several ponds on this ride (depending on distance chosen) including:

  • Johnson’s Pond, Spofford Pond, Cedar Pond, Kimballs’s Pond
  • Lake Cochichewick in North Andover
  • Mill Pond in Ballardvale
  • Haggets Pond and Bakers Meadow Pond in Andover
  • Stiles Pond, Sperrys Pond, Hoveys Pond in Boxford
  • Chadwick Pond in Haverhill

The Forests: A short distance after starting you’ll ride for 13 miles of roads through Boxford State Forest and Harold Parker State Forest.

The Hills: Expect rolling hills and moderate climbs. The short route has the easiest terrain, while the long route has a few steeper hills. This ride passes near the Bradford Ski Area, also known locally as “Bradford Bump.”

Ride developed by Gordon Harris and is offered by North Shore Cyclists.

Short Route 22 miles
The short route turns back through West Boxford after Boxford State ForestView at RideWithGPS


Medium Route 31 miles
The medium route passes through North Andover after Boxford State ForestView at RideWithGPS

Long Route 56 miles
The long ride crosses Harold Parker State Forest to Ballardvale and is hilliest optionView at RideWithGPS

3 thoughts on “Bradford Ponds and Forests”

  1. Thank you Gordon! Took a friend this past weekend who has newly discvored their love for biking; the ride was absolutely beautiful and peaceful and a great 1st ride on his new road bike.


  2. Hi! Would absolutely love to see the route for this ride – unfortunately, the links not working. Might you please email me or update the link? Thank you for spending the time to gather this wonderful collection of rides! I wish I discovered your site sooner : )


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