Cross-Vermont trail

Cross-Vermont Trail

The Cross Vermont Trail is a 75-mile trail-in-development to span the state of Vermont from South Burlington to Wells River. This is a project of the Cross Vermont Trail Association. For more information go to the Cross Vermont Trail Association’s website.

Overall Trail Map
cross-vermont trail map
Section maps:

Map 1 Village of Wells River (Connecticut River) to Boltonville trailhead (4.02 miles)
Map 2 Boltonville trailhead to Groton
Map 3 Groton (Wilson Dr) to Marshfield Village (Rte 2) (12.74 miles)
Map 4 Marshfield Village (Rte 2) to Plainfield Village (6.96 miles)
Map 5 Plainfield Village to East Montpelier (Rte 14 trailhead) (4.07 miles)
Map 6 East Montpelier (Rte 14 trailhead) to Montpelier (Gateway Park) (9.33 miles)
Map 7 Montpelier (Gateway Park) to Moretown (Lovers Lane) (6.58 miles)
Map 8 Moretown (Lovers Lane) to Duxbury (River Rd) (5.07 miles)
Map 9 Duxbury (River Rd) to Richmond (Bridge St) (13.68 miles)
Map 10 Richmond (Bridge St) to Williston (Central School) (7.62 miles)
Map 11 Williston (Central School) to Williston (Rte 2A) (3.63 miles)
Map 12 Williston (Rte 2A) to Burlington (Lake Champlain) (8.75 miles)

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