Bicycle paths between Montreal and Ottawa

This is a mix of rides on some of Quebec’s dedicated bike paths heading west from Montreal to Ottawa.
Lodging in Montreal: Two large inns in Montreal participate in the “Bienvenue cyclists” network: Hotel Pomerol 819 boul. de Maisonneuve Est, (800)361-6896 and Hotel St-Dennis 1254, RUE ST-DENIS, (800) 291-5927 . Continue reading to view all eight rides. View all Quebec cycling trails.Lachine canal loop: Ride from the hotel today, taking the bike path along the Lachine Canal. The return is along the Piste Cyclable des Berges on the southern Shore. The distance is approximately 32 km (20 miles). When you reach the Champlain bridge, you have the option to ride across to the other side of the St. Lawrence, crossing Isle des Souers. A bike path takes you to Isle Notre Dame, and you return downtown on the bike lane on the Victoria bridge, for about 40 km of cycling.

P’Tit Train Du Nord. The longest bicycle path in North America is the 200 km P’tit Train du Nord that goes from St- Jerome (just north of Montreal) to Mont-Laurier QC through the Laurentides. Starting in the middle of the trail from Lac Nominique or Labelle about 200 km northwest of Montreal, you can do two out and back rides, heading north on the paved section to Mont-Laurier, or south on the stone dust section past Ville de Mont Tremont to the southern terminus of the trail in St-Jerome.

The Soulange canal bike path. Drive west about 45 miles from Montreal to Pont des Cascades, where you’ll bike on the paved Soulange Canal Bikeway to Coteaux continuing through St-Zotique to Cornwall as a bike lane for up to 50 km. You’ll pass by quite a few abandoned locks, as well as the National Historic Site at Coteau du Lac. (At Les Cedres you have the option to cross the river on a unique cycle ferry to the Regional Park du St Timothee on Isle de Salisbury). After the ride, drive to charming Hudson on the Ontario River for a two night stay.. The Auberge Willow Place in Hudson welcomes bikes.

Beauharnois-Salaberry Trail: Today from Hudson back to Les Coteaux, which you went through on the Soulange Canal Trail. Cross Lac Saint-Francois to Grande-Ile on Rt. 201 or the bike bridge from the Solanges Trail. Here you pick up the Beauharnois-Salaberry Cycling Trail, which follows the south side of Grande-Ile to Melocheville. You may cross here to Beauharnois, and continue on the trail heading back along the other side, for a total of 50 km.

Parc d’ Oka and La Vagabonde Bike Path Cross the Otawa River from Hudson on the Hudson-Oka ferry. and ride through Parc d’ Oka, continuing on the La Vagabonde bicycle trail which parallels the Ottawa River heading back toward Montreal. After reversing course on the trail you have the option to take local roads back to the Ferry in Oka. This is an out and back ride from Hudson.

Hudson-Carillon loop This ride heads 30 km west from Hudson on local roads to Pointe-Fortune, which is on the Quebec-Ontario line. Take the ferry across to the other side of the Ottawa River to Carillon, and ride back on La Route Verte 1 east, returning to Hudson at the Oka ferry for a total distance of 60 km (38 miles) of very flat cycling. La Route Verte 1 is complete from Montreal to Ottawa, primarily as a wide shoulder on the old highway parallel to the river.

Ride 7: Ottawa River Bike Path. Depart Hudson and drive west to Rosslyn, Ottawa, from whcih you can cycle west on the Ottawa River bike path, continuing 31 km to the Rockcliffe Parkway. The Ottawa bike maps show local roads that take you through quiet neighborhoods into the city. We enjoyed our stay at the Gasthaus Switzerland , which is in walking distance to some of the best downtown highlights.

Cycling in Ottawa Several major roads are closed to motorists on Sunday mornings for “Sunday Bikedays”. Take advantage of this in the morning to ride west on the Ottawa River Parkway for a 16 km loop, crossing to the Gatineau Park area at the Champlain Bridge and returning downtown on the Alexandra bridge. Continue on the Rideau Canal Bikeway, a 25 km (16) mile loop on both sides of the canal. You may also ride south on the western side of the canal, and return north into Ottawa on the Rideau River bike path.

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