White Mountains to the Sea

White Mountains to the Sea,¬†August 20-25, 2017 This tour combines two days of riding in the White Mountains - with some serious climbing but also grand vistas, two days of easier riding in southwest Maine, and a free day in the great and lively city of Portland - with three day-ride options for those who… Continue reading White Mountains to the Sea

Bethlehem and three berries

Ride Description from CTBikeRoutes: This scenic ride is over mostly rolling terrain with two steeply hilly sectionsone as you climb up to Bethlehem (~ 9.0 mi. to 12.8 mi.) and the other towards the end of the ride as you depart Southbury (29.2 mi.) and go up and over a ridge to the CPL (32.1… Continue reading Bethlehem and three berries

Bethlehem Double Loop

Description from CTBikeRoutes:¬†Known as the Bucolic Bethlehem ride, it is at times a hilly ride by orchards, farms, fields, and forests. Ride through White Memorial Foundation and along Bantam Lake. The route forms a rough figure 8. Doing only the first half of the 8 is a ride of 13.6 miles. Doing only the second… Continue reading Bethlehem Double Loop